Software Engineer, Product


About Slush

At Slush we are building the SDK for spinning up and managing ZK rollups. Think AWS for ZK rollups. Our first product is geared towards the Starknet ecosystem. More about our plans:

Role and responsibilities

As outlined in our Roadmap we are building an SDK that will allow running provable virtual machines

We’re looking for engineers with experience in building systems with Go and Rust. Experience with the EVM and Solidity (and Cairo) is a plus but not essential.

Initially you will focus on:

  • Make Cairo work with our existing implementation of Tendermint
  • Building the (cloud hosted) network architecture that spins up Tendermint nodes and associated verifier client on Starknet
  • Integration that sends blocks to be proven to Starkware’s Sharp prover API
  • Command line tool to tie all these together

Send an email to to apply or ask questions. Please include link to Github profile and LI or CV (or equivalent)